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Not Your Typical “Jobs” Page

Do you think Spycursion is really cool and want to help work on it? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this page! (C’mon, who do you think we are, a bunch of HR drones?)

As a tiny start-up, we can find a place for just about anyone who is motivated and adaptable. That said, here are a few of our most pressing needs:

  • Someone with connections to funding and/or the video game industry, to help obtain said funding. At the moment, lack of funding is by far our biggest hurdle.
  • Someone who speaks Common Lisp, or a Lisp-like language (or has a superhuman ability to learn said language).
  • Someone who can model, texture, rig, animate, and drink tea with various pieces of 3D art.

Are you a motivated and adaptable person with some subset of the above talents or with the gusto to tell us what talents you do have and how we might use them? If so, great! We like you already. Please read on…

What You Get Out Of This Deal

That is highly negotiable, but in short, it depends on what you want:

    • “I want a competitive market salary, with a 401k and free lunch and on-site childcare.” That’s great! Unfortunately, as a pre-funding start-up, we simply aren’t in a position to provide that right now. Check back here in a couple of years, after we’ve launched Spycursion and it’s become an overnight success and is making us gazillions.
    • “I’m cool with start-up life, but I still need to make a living wage.” Awesome — keep watching this space, because as soon as we can afford to do so, we will be hiring people in your position. Your compensation would be a salary+equity (or possibly rev-share) combination, as is commonly done in start-ups. Might we suggest subscribing to our mailing list, using the form at the bottom of this page, to keep up-to-date?
    • “I like to live on the edge. I’ll take equity, please!” Fantastic! As a young start-up, you would be one of the earliest and largest holders of said equity (or revenue sharing, if that is more appropriate). We’d love for you to reach out via our contact page, or at hello [a t] defungames [d o t] com, to start the conversation.
    • “I just want to help on a short-term basis, is that alright?” Sure, and we do periodically need that kind of thing. If you’re an artist, musician, writer, or other human (or non-human) with more freelancer-like tendencies, and you think you could help to level up Spycursion, please do reach out!