Join Our Team!

Do you think Spycursion is really cool and want to help work on it? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this page! (C’mon, who do you think we are, a bunch of PR drones?)

As a tiny start-up, we can find a place for just about anyone who is motivated and adaptable. That said, our most pressing need is for software developers to work on Spycursion’s client and server. As a software developer, points in your favor include prior game development experience, and/or experience with Common Lisp or a Lisp-like language.

As we are in the pre-crowdfunding stage, these are equity-only roles, for now. Joining up now, before any guarantee of payment, implies a high degree of risk — and thus a high percentage of equity, especially if you are able to contribute 20+ hours per week.

If you’re a motivated, adaptable, high-risk/high-reward kind of person, what planet are you from!? Oh, and also, please get in touch!