Spycursion Challenge at PAX West

Solve puzzles. Win prizes. Can you find all six?

We’re developing a hacking/espionage MMO called Spycursion, and will launch a crowdfunding campaign for it at some to-be-determined date (“soon”). In the meantime, why not win some prizes? You’ll find our puzzles around PAX and on the internet. (You might even start with this very website! Hint, hint.) Once you’ve solved some, bring the solutions to us and be showered with blessings:

    • One: Spycursion button
    • Two: Spycursion magnet
    • Three (in a team of two): One-month Spycursion subscription*
    • Four (in a team of two): Three-month Spycursion subscription*
    • Five (in a team of four): Six-month Spycursion subscription*
    • Six (in a team of six): Lifetime Spycursion subscription*

“In a team of X” means that you will need to recruit a few friends, and then you’ll all win that prize!

Follow us on Twitter to find out when and where we’ll be hanging out around PAX so you can get your prizes. (Like true spies, we won’t broadcast ourselves with a booth… but if you’re havingĀ too much trouble finding us, drop us a line on Twitter or the contact page and we’ll figure something out.)

(*Subscriptions are conditional upon the game’s release after successful crowdfunding… which you can help us with! Spread the word!)