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Q: What is Spycursion?
A: Spycursion is an in-development PC MMO game centering around hacking and espionage.

Q: Hacking? Like Uplink?
A: Inspired by Uplink, yes, but quite different. Take Uplink, remove the Hollywood, add some realism, toss in a world to explore… and then rewind time before the game was actually finished, and you’re getting pretty close to Spycursion.

Q: When is it coming out?
A: That depends on you! Our Patreon page is up now, and we’ll ask our supporters to tell us what they’d like us to prioritize in terms of development. That, in combination with funding levels, will determine Spycursion’s release date. Back our Patreon, subscribe to our mailing list (using the form in the footer), and spread the word on social media if you’d like to be a part of this!

Q: Which platforms are you targeting?
A: The Spycursion client will be open-source and will launch on Mac, Linux, and Windows. And because it’s open-source, there will also be versions for the Amiga, MS-DOS, Plan 9, and Game Boy… provided you are willing to write them yourself.

Q: Open-source!? How will you keep Spycursion afloat?
A: The client will be open-source; to connect to the server and play Spycursion you will need to buy a monthly subscription. As a multiplayer game that is heavily server-based, we feel a subscription model is the best way to maintain the game, keep adding features, and ensure a level playing field. Unlike with the various flavors of microtransactions, there is no possibility in Spycursion for players to gain an advantage by paying more.

Q: Do I need to know how to code to play Spycursion?
A: No, but you might find yourself wanting to learn to code after immersing yourself in the game! One of our key design goals is to be both beginner-friendly and help/encourage players to boost their technical skills. If you find yourself inspired after playing Spycursion, then we’ve done our jobs.

Q: What inspired you to make Spycursion?
A: Read our story for the answer to that question!

Q: What is the objective of the game? Is there an end goal?
There will be a single-player storyline, which some people may choose to see as their end goal, but that won’t be the game’s primary focus. Primarily, it will be “sandbox” multiplayer gameplay, where ultimately you choose your own goals.

Q: Will my character level up? Is there character progression?
There will be character progression in the sense of: Earn money, buy better stuff (software/hardware), along with a skill tree. The depth and specifics of that skill tree haven’t been determined yet.

Q: Are there different roles in the game? If so, how are they different?
The way to think of “roles” is more like different playing styles. Instead of “select from these five classes at the beginning of the game” we’re working on a system that is intended to be very flexible. This system isn’t fully detailed yet, but it will tie into skills (the different roles may or may not actually be named in-game) but it’s meant to be very flexible.

Q: Is there any PvP? Will I be able to hack other players?
Definitely! That’s a major part of the game, both in attacking other players, and doing so without getting caught, and in defending your own (or your company’s/faction’s) systems from other players.

Q: Assuming I can hack people’s bank accounts or steal money from a corporation, what am I spending the money on? Character upgrades? Cosmetics?
You’ll spend money on all manner of things from hardware and software to extra (to-be-determined) gadgetry, travel expenses, stocks/cryptocurrencies, and most likely some cosmetic stuff.

Q: Is there any traditional combat elements to Spycursion? Will I get a gun or maybe some sweet cyberpunk throwing stars?
Nope! No weapons in Spycursion; you’ll have to handle any conflicts with either dialogue or subterfuge. We consider that a unique selling point (though we can appreciate some cool throwing stars).

Q: Will there be guilds/clans?
Factions, yes. “Factions” meaning: Corporations (player- or NPC-controlled), Governments (probably NPC-controlled only… although, you never know), and less-structured groups with other purposes.

Q: Will there be content that players can complete together? Anything like a dungeon or raid?
This is definitely one of those features that depend on funding. The group missions could come in two forms:

1) Classic “Raid a dungeon together with X people” — or, in this case, infiltrate a corporate data center and steal some data, etc., with X people.

2) Global missions, where players have to work toward/against some goal and the outcome affects the global storyline.

Q: Will I like this game if I’m a total noob with tech and computer stuff?
That’s our goal! We want to make Spycursion equally inviting for tech pros and total n00bs. Admittedly, our early marketing has been focused on the geeks, since that’s our core and most enthusiastic audience — mainstream gamers are much harder to impress for an indie like us. But we hope that by the time Spycursion is released, the learning curve is gentle enough to attract a wide variety of gamers.

Q: What is the subscription model for the game? Will there be any microtransactions/premium currency?
We’ll have a TBD pricing system, but it will be a fair subscription model only. No microtransactions, no loot boxes, and definitely no pay-to-win.

Q: Why should I play this game? Why should I play it over any other MMO?
Spycursion will focus on realistic hacking, not the Hollywood magic hacking we’ve grown accustomed to. Expect devious espionage gameplay with both co-op and competitive options.

We want to deliver a true espionage experience. Your hacking will take place in the “real world” of Spycursion. You’ll have to shoulder-surf passwords and overhear other players’ conversations… if you’re stealthy enough.

Furthermore, if you’re a savvy player the open-source client will allow you to create your own game client. If you’re less tech-savvy, you’ll be able to use other player-developed clients if you don’t like the official one.

Finally, as mentioned above, you can’t shoot your problems in the face! You’ll have to navigate the sneaky world of Spycursion with only your brain and any technology assets you manage to acquire.