Q: What is Spycursion?
A: Spycursion is an in-development PC MMO game centering around hacking and espionage.

Q: Hacking? Like Uplink?
A: Inspired by Uplink, yes, but quite different. Take Uplink, remove the Hollywood, add some realism, toss in a world to explore… and then rewind time before the game was actually finished, and you’re getting pretty close to Spycursion.

Q: When is it coming out?
A: That depends on you! We are currently in the pre-crowdfunding phase, which means that we need your help to build our audience. Subscribe to our mailing list (using the form in the footer), if you haven’t already, and spread the word on social media. Once we are confident it will be successful, we’ll launch a crowdfunding campaign, and the level of funding we receive — along with feedback from backers — will determine when, and with what features, the game itself will launch.

Q: Which platforms are you targeting?
A: The Spycursion client will be open-source and will launch on Mac, Linux, and Windows. And because it’s open-source, there will also be versions for the Amiga, MS-DOS, Plan 9, and Game Boy… provided you are willing to write them yourself.

Q: Open-source!? How will you keep Spycursion afloat?
A: The client will be open-source; to connect to the server and play Spycursion you will need to buy a monthly subscription. As a multiplayer game that is heavily server-based, we feel a subscription model is the best way to maintain the game, keep adding features, and ensure a level playing field. Unlike with the various flavors of microtransactions, there is no possibility in Spycursion for players to gain an advantage by paying more.

Q: Do I need to know how to code to play Spycursion?
A: No, but you might find yourself wanting to learn to code after immersing yourself in the game! One of our key design goals is to be both beginner-friendly and help/encourage players to boost their technical skills. If you find yourself inspired after playing Spycursion, then we’ve done our jobs.

Q: What inspired you to make Spycursion?
A: Read our story for the answer to that question!